I work towards a life woven by dance and MarieAndersson_9467-USM kopiself-sufficiency, shared with family, friends and colleagues.

Originally, I come from Piteå, a town on the east cost of northern Sweden. For a long time I was based in Copenhagen, Denmark but now, after me and my partner Márk ended our journey through Europe volunteering on organic farms, our roots have found ground in Ballingslöv, Skåne, Sweden.

My field is contemporary dance and improvisation. I find it most interesting to create together with other dance artists; working all the way from an idea, trough project planning and fundraising into choreography and creation to finally perform and meet an audience.
Since my graduation from the Danish National School of Performing Arts in 2013 I have worked both in the Nordic countries and the Netherlands and Belgium. I am co-founder of Augustine Collective, and have worked in a number of other collective constellations, both as a dancer, choreographer, teacher and performer.

I believe that dance is for everyone, so through teaching and performing in schools, local culture houses and public space, I want to reach the audience that will not reach out for dance themselves.

I am interested in the performative potential found in further exploring somatic experiences and bringing them into an expressive frame. As a dancer I find the deepest inspiration in really sharing the space with the audience and to enter into a physical dialogue between all bodies in the space, however active or inactive, sending or receiving, talking or listening.
My choreographic work and process is a dialogue between intuition and critical thinking, the moving body is always the source and a reoccurring theme is that the audience is invited into the dance- actually or figuratively.

For me its all about movement, rhythm, intuition, sharing and creating opportunity for life force to flow.
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Reality. Body. Movement. Thoughts. Illusions. Language. Words. Dots.                                                      Assuming that there is a reality, existing, all the time. Now. Our body is part of the reality, fully real. Whatever the body is, all the time, fully, there is no one to receive it, fully, all the time. Adding on everything surrounding our physical body, and everything it contains. A lot of information. Our thoughts are vivid and has many layers, most of them has no language or words connected to them so I cannot even begin to express them here in typed form. I would call thoughts an abstraction of the reality, a good try in portraying everything happening. It is a slice of reality. In this thought I include both counsious and subconscious thoughts, dreams, hallucinations and so on. Part of this abstraction of reality has formed into language, worded thoughts. These thoughts, expressed with voice or not, are a representation of the abstraction of reality. Never the less playing with words can feed back into thoughts and effect the body, the reality. In communication with words, like now, in typed form, they have a reality, as in their body, their physicality, the light or non light from the screen or the black on white paper, they also represent my thoughts and somewhere came from my body, and somewhere will land in yours. The body is the source, our connection to reality and can communicate directly to other bodies, it does, all the time, whether or not we have the capacity to formulate worded thoughts about it. Reality keeps existing and we keep dealing with how we can understand it, thoughtfully or physically. I would vote for living more physically, in reality, fully. But I also love the abstraction, the illusion and the crypted communication, its all real or lands in reality.