Augustine Collective


Introducing Augustine
Augustine is an individual that contains five female artists from Israel, Switzerland, Denmark and Sweden. She brings together the five personal and curious dancers Or Avishay, Clea Onori, Ayelet Yekutiel, Marie Andersson and Birgitte Lundtoft.

Augustine is a performative entity who is the sum and middle of us.  She is a character without a body and voice; she exists when we give her our body, eyes, sound and expression. We live in geographically separate places experiencing and reacting on the social, cultural, political and personal situations of our reality.  When we meet again we look into how the common archive has been travelling within us, transformed and been given new meaning and Augustine makes new sense out of it in her new body and context(s).

Our aim is to meet every year in a creative setting to feed her with all of us, give ourselves to her, to discover and challenge the world citizen Augustine.

Augustine first came together in P.A.R.T.S. summer residency in August 2013.
We all arrived from different dance contexts, with much embodied knowledge spreading from Klein, Axis Syllabus, Gaga, improvisation to meditation and on screen acting. We built up a common archive and we were interacting with the aim of creating a solo. Questioning: How can a solo exist with a personal-becoming-common history?
Augustine was born. A performative entity, an evolving character, a woman grounded in multiple cultures and situations.

In her own words; “I have no ownership of my knowledge, dance, personal stories or past. My creativity is not my own but very personal. I am a young woman, a natural performer and a communicative improviser; I enjoy my freedom of transformation. I am free from my past as I am not limited to singularity. Without a physical body I am freed from the constraint of belongings. I travel light and migrate freely.”
Augustine, September, 2013

Creative Residency and Workshop at Sign6 in Brussels

The focus of this meeting was to define Augustine and research how we can develop her identity and creativity. Our method became liquid hierarchy. Rotating roles. Sharing individual knowledge of dance, movement and voice, as well as personal stories and questions. Playing with the concept of embodying Augustine, we lent our singular bodies to channel and express the creativity and history of the whole group.
We questioned: am I hosting Augustine in my body or am I the guest in her creation?

Project HOST
Inviting and hosting, the act of welcoming, the role of visiting.
During 6 weeks , spent in residencies in rural areas of Sweden, Finland and Denmark we were physically researching how the local hosting traditions could inform our performance practice as we were hosting the attention of an audience in performative events, social gatherings and in the homes of the locals.

Collaborators: Lomträsk Arthouse, (Lappland, Sweden) Kokko 1721, (Kangasniemi, Finland) and Kirsten Kjaers Museum, (Thy, Denmark)
Financed by: Nordic Culture Fund and Region Nordjylland

´My Piece´
Augustine is now in the planning phase of her next project, the creation of ´My Piece´ – her first evening length choreographic work, with the theme of Ownership and Authorship. After a two weeks long research at Secret Hotel residency (Bogens, DK) Augustine is alive and bubbling with inspiration and determination to create My Piece.

Update. Augustine Collective will start the creation of My Piece during the platform CONNECTIONS hosted by Performing Arts Platform in Århus. To follow the process visit our webb: