Small Space Dance Concert


 Video Daniel Collins

July 2017

This year we had the pleasure to take part of the summer residency at Etelä-Savon Tanssiopisto in Mikkeli, Finland.
It was an intense and productive time travel. Going back to where we left of in 2015, landing in our present bodies and further into visions of the future for our collaboration.
There will be more to come!

My stay was made possible with the generous support of Konstnärsnämdens Internationalla Dansprogram.
Tusen tack!






SMALL SPACE DANCE CONCERT,- A dance performance within a concert format.

Each dance is the length of one song, and the hour-long performance is divided in two sets of 6 songs each, with a small break in between. De-formalizing dance performance, and bringing it to a wider audience. Playing with methodologies and contexts of creation and presentation, deconstructing the narrative arc of evening-length performance. Giving our work permission to belong in our hang-out spaces, and vice versa.

This project started in 2012 as a letter exchange between me and Taryn Mc Govern(US), it developed into physical exploration of the ideas conceived through the writing. We then boiled down the scores to short pieces fitted for small spaces.

The concert has been performed live twice in Copenhagen;
in the café Mellemrummet (2013)
and in the bar The Barking Dog (2014)
and once in Halmstad, Sweden as a solo concert in the barn Prästgården (2014) by Marie Helen Andersson and guests; Rickard Fredborg, Hilde I Sandvold and Birgitte Lundtoft.

Finnish dance artist Sara Kaustinen is part of the project since 2014. Any small reason to meet and dance together would be celebrated with love and happiness, pouring over to the audience seat.

In the winter of 2015 a film version was recorded in Berlin, in collaboration with video artist Daniel Collins. This one-week project was an investigation of movement in small public spaces and how this can be translated into moving image.

Small Space Dance Concert – the raft version
In June 2015 we were invited to present the concert at CPH STAGE at Teaterøen. For this occasion we chose a specific small space; a raft in the water outside the theatre.
Link to press covering (in Danish)