Himmelstorm 2014


HF2014_128 (1)

Photo by Ivan Carlé

Two or three women’s physical exploration of a windmill setting and a contemporary jazz dance

Me, Sophia Mage and Birgitte Lundtoft created a site specific piece in the village Dyssekilde for their annual cultural festival Himmelstorm 2014

We were dancing to amazing live music improvised by Ben Sena and Alex Opazo

Part of the score
physical exploration of a windmill setting
Realizing Reality
Yourself in Reality
Slowly shifting weight
shifting facing
shifting Reality

Turning, and seeing the other two turn
opening your front side to the other two and the surrounding.

Sensing the closeness
and the distance

Then connecting to all three spines
Imagining us as one three spined creature
Feeding her with the inspiration of the surrounding. Shaping her.
Playing. Letting her explore.
How far can she stretch?
What does she see in herself?

Find a stick. Find a way out of the imagination, through the stick, back to reality.